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Watch Dial Restoration, 46 Burroughs Way, Wymondham, Norwich, Norfolk. NR18 0WE

Watch Dial Restoration

Welcome to C+F Dial Restoration, UK. With a tradition of wrist watch dial restoration and pocket watch dial restoration and renovation going back over many generations we are able to repair, renovate and restore hundreds of different watch dial types with specialist metalwork skills including engraving and painting.

Our restoration workshop is in Northern Italy and each dial is carefully cleaned and prepared and then matched with our library of dial plates for repair and full restoration. Work is typically completed in just over a week depending on the dial finish and level of dial restoration required.

Our watch dial restoration gallery shows recent work on pieces from watch designers and manufacturers such as Cartier, Rolex, Longines, Omega, Ulysse, Jaeger, Zenith, Eberhard and Co, Movado, Vacheron and Constantin and Universal Compur.

Recent Dial Restorations